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Pay with crypto anywhere.

If you'd like to make a payment over CAD$100K with crypto at a business that doesn't accept cryptocurrencies, reach out to us. Our Dello OTC service facilitates crypto purchases of cars, homes, yachts, and more.

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Benefits of using Dello OTC

Payment is made in crypto, but settled in local currency; incredibly low transaction fees—as low as 0.1%; seller usually gets money in their bank account within 72 hours.

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How it works

  • You make a request via the Dello website.
  • We confirm the payment details with both sides.
  • Buyer pays invoice to Dello in crypto.
  • Dello pays the seller the full amount in local currency.
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Crypto compliance

As a Money Service Business (MSB), we follow strict regulations to ensure transparency and security with each payment.

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Fast and convenient

Payment can be completed in real-time to allow additional accepted cryptocurrencies.

Dello opens the world to crypto payments

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Dello OTC