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Illustration of a POYNT terminal.
Fiat/Crypto POS

Fiat/Crypto POS

One terminal that does it all.

Now you can accept any form of payment all on the same device. Dello’s crypto POS system is fully integrated, so there are no extra steps to take if your customer wants to pay with crypto instead of cash, debit or credit. With Dello on the Poynt Smart Terminal, just enter the purchase price and let your customer choose.

Illustration of a POYNT terminal displaying the QR code for a bitcoin transaction.
Person choosing the type of cryptocurrency on the Dello app.

Fees as low as 0.1%

Your savings add up when your customers choose crypto over credit. Our crypto payments fees start lower than credit cards and scale as low as 0.1% based on payment size. Larger payments, smaller fees!

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Customer selects their preferred currency.

New customers? Yes, please!

Did you know 51% of crypto holders are more likely to buy from crypto merchants and 40% of crypto users are new to the merchant? When you start accepting crypto you can reach new customers locally and globally. Plus, when international customers pay with crypto, you get paid in your currency, not theirs—no worries of exchange rates or tax implications.

POYNT terminal showing the value of the transaction in bitcoins.

Eliminate chargebacks

Fraudulent chargebacks cost businesses billions of dollars annually. Dello crypto payments are final and irreversible, putting an end to chargebacks and putting more money in your pocket. Only you can reverse a completed transaction.

Everything you need in one Smart terminal

Dello seamlessly integrates on the POYNT terminal. Conduct business as usual no matter what payment method your customers choose.

No hidden fees icon.

No hidden fees

With Dello, you know exactly what you're paying for from day one. No more stress about surprise charges.

Lightning-fast payments icon.

Lightning-fast payments

The Lightning Network makes Bitcoin transactions as fast as a credit card swipe but cheaper—and there are no minimum transaction values.

No fraud icon.

Eliminate fraud

Are you worried about fraud? We've got you covered. Crypto payments through Dello ensure no chargebacks, no ID theft, and no headaches.

A person's hands holding a POYNT terminal.

Accepting crypto has never been easier

Person selecting the type of currency on a POYNT terminal.

Enter the purchase amount in local currency

Customer selects their preferred currency.

Customer selects their preferred cryptocurrency

Person scanning with his cellphone the QR code on the POYNT terminal.

Scan the QR code from any compatible crypto wallet

 Person holding a POYNT terminal indicating that the transaction has been approved.

Transaction is approved

Start accepting crypto payments today.

Illustration of a POYNT terminal displaying the QR code for a bitcoin transaction.

Fiat/Crypto POS