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We want to make instant everyday crypto transactions easier and more accessible to all.

Dello is breaking the barriers to global crypto adoption and shaping the future, one transaction at a time.

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Innovation on a solid foundation.

Close collaboration with our sister company, PremiceSoft—a trusted leader in the point-of-sale (POS) sector—means Dello can quickly and easily make adjustments based on each customer’s needs.

Our mission

Dello is on a mission to make cryptocurrency payments easier and more accessible to all. By better-informing consumers and offering highly convenient services to merchants, we are breaking the barriers to global crypto adoption. Dello is shaping the future one transaction at a time.

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Easy and accesible everyday crypto payments

Dello’s payment solutions help you reach new customers and increase your sales.

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Seamless integration of crypto payment solutions

Through strategic partnerships, we continually develop and integrate services that benefit our clients.

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Transparency, security and speed

Effortless transactions and fast settlements - crypto makes it possible, Dello makes it easy.

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