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E-commerce widget mockups on a cellphone and a laptop.
E-commerce widget

E-commerce widget

Upgrade your online store.

Dello's crypto payment solution lets you easily accept crypto payments and receive settlement in local fiat currency. Designed to work seamlessly, our extensive eCommerce integrations feature everything from POS compatibility, API integrations and email invoicing.

E-commerce widget mockups on a cellphone and a laptop.
Laptop displaying a transaction with cryptocurrency.

Online shopping is about convenience.

By integrating Dello's crypto payment solution into your online store, you offer your customers even more convenience by letting them choose how to pay. Our crypto payments fees start lower than credit cards and scale as low as 0.1% based on payment size.

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Expand your target market

If you're already online, make the most of it. When you accept crypto payments, it can help you attract a new customer demographic—around the web and around the world. Every day more online stores add crypto payments to cater to the growing number of worldwide crypto owners. Get ahead of your competition. It’s time to think bigger.

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More secure transactions

Crypto payments are more secure than those made with credit cards because customers don't have to enter a lot of personal identification and payment data. There's no need to worry about this sensitive information getting leaked by hackers in a data breach—which often leads to financial fraud and theft.

Instant conversions to fiat

Dello locks in a conversion rate from crypto to local currency during the transaction. This protects you from crypto price fluctuations. You charge $100 and receive $100—minus a small fee.

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No hidden fees

With Dello, you know exactly what you're paying for from day one. No more stress about surprise charges.

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Lightning-fast payments

The Lightning Network makes Bitcoin transactions as fast as a credit card swipe but cheaper—and there are no minimum transaction values.

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Eliminate fraud

Are you worried about fraud? We've got you covered. Crypto payments through Dello ensure no chargebacks, no ID theft, and no headaches.

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E-commerce widget mockups on a cellphone and a laptop.

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