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NEW MERCHANT - Pay your snow removal services in cryptocurrency with Syljack and Dello

October 3, 2022

A new merchant is now part of the Dello family.

Montreal, Quebec - October 3rd, 2022 - Syljack, a reputable snow removal company in Montreal, is joining the ranks of Dello merchants to offer crypto-currency payment for these services.

With Dello's crypto-payment solutions, the company will be able to have its customers pay online directly in crypto.

The customer pays in cryptocurrency, and Syljack receives the value in fiat currency directly into their bank account. The transaction is as fast as a credit or debit card. Proof that crypto is a modern payment method that is as secure and easy to use as traditional payments.

«For us, offering quality service is also modernizing our process. We believe that the accessibility to different payment processes is essential and is part of giving a good service to our clients. This is why we have decided to offer our clients to pay online in crypto with Dello!»

- Marc-Antoine Tozzi, owner -  Syljack

With all of these new merchants catching on recently, Dello is proud to see crypto-payment emerge in various sectors, such as snow removal, a much-needed service in the metropolitan area.


Dello is a Montreal-based fintech company whose mission is to make cryptocurrency payments easier and more accessible to everyone. By better informing consumers and offering highly convenient services to merchants, Dello is breaking down the barriers to global cryptocurrency adoption. We are shaping the future, one transaction at a time.

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Syljack is a reputable snow removal company in Montreal that offers first-class service from the first snowfall to the last 24/7. A modern vision with new high-tech snow removal vehicles and a computerized management system adapted only for snow removal.

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