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Accepting Both Fiat and Crypocurrencie on the Same Payment Terminal is Now Possible in Canada

January 13, 2022

PandaPay partners with Dello!

Montreal, Québec - January 13th, 2022 - Dello, a Montreal fintech company with a mission to make crypto payments easier and more accessible to all, is furthering its goal by joining forces with PandaPay, a leading payment processing company. Dello’s crypto payments app has been fully integrated with PandaPay’s smart terminals which means that for the first time in Canada, merchants can now take advantage of an EMV-compliant payment device capable of accepting all major credit and debit cards as well as different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Euthereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) – all of this within the same transaction flow. Through this integration, Dello can now offer its services to the over 7000 merchants in PandaPay’s network.

PandaPay’s dedicated advisors are committed to providing merchants with the tools they need to help their businesses grow. Their transparency in pricing and preeminent service and support has helped them become a popular alternative to its competitors.

Martin Lafleur, Dello’s Chief Business Officer, is excited about broadening Dello’s reach. “We are very happy to be working closely with PandaPay in our efforts to make crypto payments more mainstream,” he said. “There are advantages to accepting crypto which many merchants are unaware of - lower transaction fees, protection from fraudulent chargebacks, and access to new demographic groups, for example. The PandaPay team will not just get our product out to their network, they’ll also help raise awareness about the benefits of crypto.”

Customers who choose Dello as the payment method on compatible terminals will have a selection of cryptocurrencies they can pay with. Dello converts the crypto to the local currency at the time of purchase and guarantees that merchants receive the exact amount they charge the customer. By doing this, Dello insulates merchants from any loss they would incur if the price of the cryptocurrency were to fluctuate during the payment process.

Marc Sarrapuchiello, PandaPay’s Chief of Product & Partnerships, is thrilled with the idea of expanding its product offering into the cryptocurrency market. ‘’The number of consumers and businesses embracing digital currencies is on the rise. Cryptocurrency owners have increased by 300% in the last year or so, going from 100 million to over 300 million users today. Merchants on the fence risk losing customers to competitors willing to offer expanded payment options. Through our partnership with Dello, we will enable our merchants to securely join the crypto movement and attract new customers while meeting the changing needs of their current clientele.’’


Dello is a Montreal-based fintech company whose mission is to make cryptocurrency payments easier and more accessible to everyone. By better informing consumers and offering highly convenient services to merchants, Dello is breaking down the barriers to global cryptocurrency adoption. We are shaping the future, one transaction at a time.

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PandaPay is a leading payment processing company established in 2014. From retail to e-commerce, the company offers a wide array of turnkey solutions helping businesses to better manage their electronic payments while reducing associated costs. With offices in Canada and the United States, PandaPay serves over 7000 merchant locations processing a combined annual volume of over 3.5 billion dollars in bank-card transactions. 

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