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Dello, Montreal’s newest FinTech company

8 juillet 2021

Dello will make everyday crypto payments more accessible

Montreal, July 8, 2021 – Montreal’s newest FinTech company, Dello, launched this week. They will be rolling out a range of cryptocurrency solutions aimed at making alternative payment methods easier and more accessible to all.

Mathieu De Broin, Dello’s Chief Operations Officer stated, “We want to help consumers and merchants better understand cryptocurrencies and feel comfortable using them for everyday interactions. There are still a lot of misconceptions about the advantages and security of crypto payments. Dello plans to help break down the barriers to global adoption by better informing the public and through the convenience of the services we will be offering.”

By eliminating the need for intermediaries, cryptocurrencies become a cheaper, more transparent, and efficient solution for everything from small daily purchases to large cross-border payments. The transactions are settled instantly and the usual fees that accompany these exchanges are greatly reduced, giving merchants more control over their bottom line.

Dello’s sister-company, PremiceSoft, has a long and trusted history in the Point of Sale (POS) industry. Jocelyn Roy, who is the CEO of both PremiceSoft and Dello, has seen a growing interest in cryptocurrencies from his client base. “Merchants have become increasingly aware that they can attract new customers by accepting alternative forms of payments. I see it as a natural progression- cash, debit, credit, and now, crypto.” Considering that a recent study by leading research and advisory firm, Forrester Consulting, shows that 40% of customers paying with crypto are new to the merchant, they are right to take notice.

The Dello team counts among its members noted Quebec businessman Olivier Benloulou, founder of Ideal Protein and OB Prestige Auto, who is excited to be part of the continually expanding crypto community. “I believe the future of payments is moving towards decentralization,” he stated, “Dello is joining the ranks of companies that are making this possible.”

In the coming days, Dello will be announcing strategic partnerships and initiatives that will be propelling this movement.


About Dello

Dello is a Montreal-based Fintech company with a mission to make cryptocurrency payments easier and more accessible to all. By better informing consumers and offering highly convenient services to merchants, Dello is breaking the barriers to global crypto adoption. We’re shaping the future one transaction at a time.